A Cryptocurrency Initiated Digital Transformation

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The life cycle of any idea usually flows in a manner similar to the one presented in the chart below. Cryptocurrencies are no exception.

  • 1.Introduction, the Dawn of a New Era

  • 2.Growth Period

  • 3.Maturity

  • 4.Decline

The cryptocurrency industry is currently in a period of growth, with many different types of coins all jumbled together. There exists a multitude of projects with grandiose plans and exaggerated publicity campaigns that seem unlikely to become widespread. Many of these projects lack practical use and will be weeded out in the inevitable maturity and decline stages of the cryptocurrency industry.

Our aim is to increase liquidity and value by creating a realistic project that has practical use.

In the beginning,
OCTCoin will of course be another coin jumbled together
in the mass with the rest

We aim to make OCTCoin a coin that can stand the test of time by creating
something that has utility to everyone regardless of
their age, race, gender, or occupation.


As we stated previously, a majority of the world’s cryptocurrencies are putting meaningless coins on to the blockchain and using grandiose schemes in an attempt to raise their values.However this is no different than speculation or gambling. OCTCoin is aiming for substance.
We aim to be a cryptocurrency that can change businesses and the way people live by combining cryptocurrency and the latest technologies in a realistic way to create something new that has its own, authentic value.
OCTCoin’s goal is to increase this value by spreading OCTCoin usage and making the tools.


OCTCoin will increase liquidity, raise value, and bring profit to all those involved
by introducing new tools and systems to replace the old ones.


There are still many negative, skeptical opinions of the cryptocurrency still.
In order to dispel them, we will increase the use scenes and prepare the environment to be used.
It is assumed that it is used within the company and that it can be easily accessed by smartphones.

Wallet Feature

It is possible to detect unauthorized access / intrusion, send, receive, store and set security of cryptocurrency.

Airdrop Feature

A recipient can receive an air drop by performing an action such as keyword input or QR code reading.

Token Sale Feature

Provide functions easy for sellers and purchasers to secure security to prevent fraudulent ICO.


OCTCoin will change its shape according to cooperation with SNS, cooperation with games, changes in times and technologies, big news and so on.

In addition OCTCoin has a large community. It will be invented and will evolve further by participating members.


All News ListAll News List

Company name : OCT Corp.

Capital : 3,000,000 Yen

Business Area
1. Planning, development and maintenance of cryptocurrency
2. Planning, design and development on blockchains
3. Consulting on listing of cryptocurrency
4. Planning, development and design of Bot
5. Planning, operation and maintenance of website
6. Education
7. All operations incidental to the preceding items

■ ICO sales Company : VELL Ltd.